Cannot access my subdomain free site to edit


My site is but I am not able to access it to add content. If I use the username and password I signed up with it does not show the above site for me to click and edit. If I try to create a new website and give this name it says ’ Site with this name already exists’
If you can delete the above site in your system so I can recreate it or if I can somehow get access to editing it that would be great.


Hi, there does not appear to be any history of a site with this name. The email associated with your forum account has one website, but it doesn’t match the name. Did you create this site on the same account?


The email I am using with this forum is not the one I am referring to. That one is working fine. I was trying to create the with the email, I have the account but when I try to add a new website and type babathemagnet for the name I get the message that it already exists.
when you click on this link it takes me to a page that says ’ Hooray your website has been started’ but I am unable to login and add content. It is possible to delete this subdomain at your end so I can redo the process again.


Hi and thank you for your concern! I’ve let the developers know and we’ll keep you updated on the progress. :slight_smile:


Thank you and I would really like to use your hosting service so I am hoping for the problem to get fixed. I am on a time constraint so I would be so happy if I have a resolution to my problem.
Thanks again

#6 exists.

You can login right now and create any subdomain you want, the one above “” cannot be used.
Just use a similar or different subdomain and you’ll be started in no time. cannot be used as already in use.

Even if we deleted it - the same one cannot be used again.