Cannot access venue by which to upload files

It’s been a few weeks since I’d uploaded anything to my site and it seems as though the dashboard format has changed. Now, when I click on file manager, and subsequently the “Upload Files” button, a new tab will open that says “Redirecting, please wait…”
After two or three minutes the screen will say “Log in details are not correct” and ask for website name and password.
From here, any permutation of a login I put (my username,, email address) and password does not work.
Can anyone offer any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

It likely means that FTP is facing issues, what is your URL…?

MNemeBot is suffering likewise, with less than 20 minutes to get my homework in.

My URL is
Are the FTP issues on my end?

No that URL is affected by a node that is facing high traffic, just wait it out sadly.

Once you regain access - this might be of use for the future