Cannot change website adress to old one


Hello… Like many others, I am having problems with the switching account.

I followed the guide… I ereased my old website from my old account and also deleted the old account as well… Then I created a new account (used new email)… All ok until i was trying to set website adress to the old one from before switching accounts. I tried subdomain option, but when I put the old url (, it says the subdomain is already taken… I read the thread who had the same case (now locked), and read the email has to be the same one from the old account… So I tried to change my email to the same old one (, but its telling me the email is already being used in another account… Hello? I already ereased the old account, so it should let me change back to that old one… If I try to login or create a new account using the old email, it says “This email is already in use by another account”… But if I try to reset its password, it says “No account is associated with this email.”… Really? No comments…

So I’m stuck and don’t know how to solve this issue. Can someone help me please? I dont mind wether using same old email or new one. But I really need to have the same url for my old site… Thanks in advance for responses.


Why did you create a new account?

Did you follow the tutorial…?

You backup, move account details, delete site and profile now you’ll be logged out of the old panel, when you log back in using the same email and password your new panel appears…


I need new account because it says “Since May 1, 2017 your website should be switched to new members area.” etc…


  1. Log in to old members area
  2. Backup all your files via FTP
  3. Backup your databases via phpMyAdmin
  4. Backup email by pushing your emails to Gmail
  5. Create account in new members area and setup your website from backup.

I read the guide tutorial… I backed up my files. then deleted my site and profile. It didn’t specified to use same old email, so I put a new one.

  1. Create account in new members area would be when you’ve deleted your old profile, been logged out of the old panel, logged back in using the exact same details and the new panel appears, you need to make a new account/site within the new panel.



Yes I created the account right after I deleted the old profile and log out of old panel. I have backed up my files, but before I put them back again, I need to set the right web adress to the same old one… I don’t know what you’re trying to say, sorry.


I’m trying to say the correct steps are

  1. Back up files
  3. Delete site from account list
  4. Delete profile/old panel account and you’ll be logged out
  6. DO NOT create a new account


So if you followed steps 1,2,3,4 correctly, all you should need to do is login using the same details you used before on the old panel email/password providing you did the “MOVE ACCOUNT DETAILS” page correctly… and you’ll be presented with the new panel which has your domain locked to it.

Feel free to send me the email/password for via PM.


Sent email with the details. Thank you in advance!


I’ve requested your domain be unlocked for use with any account sorry for the inconvenience.