Cannot connect to ftp on os x


my username:


cyberduck, login fails


os x native ftp:


os x continued, also indicates invalid username/password.


Use FileZilla



? I’ve installed filezilla and tried connecting, the first image of my post shows the failure that resulted.


Did you follow the tutorial though?


This only appears if you have selected the wrong encryption method.

You can get rid of this error permanently by correctly setting up the connection.

Else you can continue to bypass it by hitting ok


ok, followed the instructions in the previous post, and did get a slightly different result:


here are my settings. is this the right encryption setting?


No wrong setting.



I have tried that option, but same error results.


530 error means wrong password.


ok… should it be the same password as my main login to the site? That’s what I understood from the ftp instructions.


Under General Settings you can change the password there. login is and a password.

Each site/app created under like and password123 and and password456


To change your FTP password for an application/site

Manage Site

Settings, General

Change Password 3rd down


The ftp instruction page tells me that my ftp username is dpmusic. Is it my email address instead? My email address is not dpmusic@myemailserver, it’s something else. And I get the same error if I try using my email address as the username.

Also, what I get from this page is that my main password to log in to the site is the same one used for ftp. Is that not the case? i don’t want to change my main password.


Right okay from the information you’ve posted.

Your username is dpmusic

Your password is whatever you chose when you made the site

Change the password by clicking change password, it will not effect your login for 000WEBHOST.COM it will only change the FTP password for your site.


Sorry, I got locked out of this conversation for 24 hours.

This is what I get by clicking on the change password button here. Sure looks like I’m changing my main password, “new website password”. Is this really the ftp password only?