Cannot create a databse


You have not created any databases so far.

Yet the limit is reached

Tried in a different browser in private mode, none of my databases listed.


You’re not the only one with this issue today, @Gazzar is having this issue as well. In my records, it looks like you have two databases, but you won’t be able to see them and there is no access to them. I have already forwarded this to an admin.


yeap, same here. I thought it’s my browser cookies first…


Time is key! Give it sometime and it will get fixed :wink:


too much time for me, I’ll just setup elsewhere


That was rude gaby_64. It’s a free hosting in the end…


its meant to be introductory to their paid service and create activity to attract more potential clients
im not gona shy away from saying it how it is, get competent or lose business


@gaby_64 @Egoist this issue should be solved for you, it was a temporary issue with a proxy. If not, please open a new topic and we can investigate this more.