Cannot create an email account


I’m new here.
I have a problem with create email.
It looks like form to create email is broken.
When I click “Manage emails”, then I click “Create” and “Park domain”.
Now by short amount time i see something like form with fields I cannot read.
Then I am redirecting to “Point domain” and the loop is repeating.

Can anyone have similar problem?

My domain is
and I need to add email account.

I am waiting for response from you.

Best regards


@quakewarp Could you send us a screenshot of this, so we can look into it for you?






when create mail i have this:




rest of loop story you know…


You need to park domain (change domain’s NS records) but as I can see from screenshot you point domain (with CNAME).
Read park domain section in this tutorial


Thank you for your response good people.