Cannot create new domain


I have 1 active domain, and just deleted another active one. I have had multiple active in the past as well (now long gone). I Also have 4 ‘deleted for inactivity’. I cannot seem to remove these.

At my dashboard, there’s no option to add a new domain. Am I missing something? I’m not getting any errors, there’s just no option to create.

EDIT: I just found that I’m using the ‘old’ panel. Is there a way to migrate my site to the new panel without creating a new account? Or migrate to a new account with the same email?


Yes…Login Via this link

Do take backup of everything before you login to new cpannel


That’s where I log in normally, and it just takes me to old interface.


Or else create a new account and website and upload your data.


Okay but my account currently uses my main email… I’d like to continue using that. Is there a way to do that or do I have to make some new email just for a new account?


New email…wait till your old accounts gets blocked due to inactivity.
Then i guess you can use your primary email.

or use a email forwarder to redirect all you incoming mails to primary email.


New panel allows new accounts to be made - signup new email and you’ll be able to start making websites again.

You could try to migrate using this tutorial -

What are the instruction to move to new panel?

  1. Login to your old panel
  2. Go to migration page and proceed move account details.
  3. You will be able to login to old panel and new panel at the same time (Email address must be the same)
  4. Backup files to your computer via FTP
  5. Backup database to your computer via PHPMYADMIN
  6. Create new website in new panel
  7. Upload files and databases to new website.
    – Use file manager in Upload files section, How to upload files to 000webhost?
    How to create a MySQL database on 000webhost.
    How to Import MySQL Database on 000webhost
  8. Use old domain for your new website (Set Web Address section)
  9. Additionally, recheck if your website had cronjobs, redirects, password protected folders, IP deny rules, hotlink protections and setup it on new panel if needed.
  10. Setup mail forwarders if you use custom domain. This tutorial should help you out
  11. Setup subdomains. Check previous section Major changes between two system
  12. If everything is working correctly, terminate your old account and enjoy the new panel!


I feel like I’m missing something with the ‘old’ and ‘new’ panel. All the links you provide take me to my list of accounts

These all take me to the old panel. There are no migration options.
Just goes to the signup page… And if I sign up, it just takes me to my old account and panel. I can sign up with a new email, however then they wont match for the old and new.


Log out of any accounts then visit the old link, then visit the migration page -

If this doesn’t work then your account might not be eligible for migration and you’ll just have to start again with a new email address.