Cannot link my bought domain to my website


I just signed up to 000webhost using a free tier, my website link is

Now, I bought a domain using Hostinger in order to remove the default 000webhostapp name but I cannot figure out how to link it.

This is how it is showed in control panel, the domains name is
It says waiting for payment but I already got charged for that domain.

Am I missing some steps here?

Thank you in advance.

You can use Hostinger panel to set your domain nameservers to and
Don’t worry about the 000webhost payment message this will disappear normally within the next week for you.

Thank you for your response!

Is just changed the domain nameservers in hostinger

Now what should be the next step on 000webhost control panel?


If you hit park domain and type in your custom domain, but when I checked yesterday it was already parked and awaiting nameservers to be changed.