Cannot log in to phpmyadmin

i make a new database using mysql
and then i got to phpmyadmin and click the link ‘enter phpmyadmin’

instead going to database, it shows error no 1045
#1045 - Access denied for user ‘a4682536_mark’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

Important: MySQL Host for any database in this account is , do not use localhost!

but i didn’t use localhost at all, i just click the link from phpmyadmin itself
what happened? it worked before i reset my account.
please help

I already submitted a ticket but it has been already 5 days it is still not working:(:frowning:

same here - exactly the same issue for me…

only just logged the call but really hoping they can fix it soon…

I also keep receiving this error, plus I cannot restore my database or website. Is there a quota on the upload usage besides FTP? I already used up my FTP quota, so I thought I’d backup, reload my account, and restore, which is one admin’s recommendation.

I run a website for my friends online, and I need it online ASAP.


think it’s an issue with mysql3 but as yet only response i got from support was to send the exact error message…

we’ll see what happens i too need mine up and running asap…

what is happening??? it was not like this before. it has been more than a year since i became a memeber of 000webhost… it is only this year that it happened to me that lasted this long.

are all of you still having this problem?

I can not access to PhpMyAdmin either… did you guys solved the problem ?

I have spend lot of time checking phpmyadmin on all my accounts on 000webhost and they are all working just fine. I suggest to check your script setting or move your site to different server.

I don’t think the problem comes from our scripts, because we can not log into PhpMyAdmin anyway…

But thank you for the time you spent to try to figure it out.

or try to create new database to see if that make any different.

tried to create several new databases… did not work.

how do you create the error message? Please provide detailed information (exactly what buttons you are clicking, urls you are using etc.) as I plan to use this to recreate the error on my own account.

i had the same error locally once, i had to reinstall mysql/phpmyadmin to resolve this, maybe 00webhost wil have to do the same

We are currently working on this issue.

clicking the “Enter PhpMyAdmin” link on the
phpMyAdmin Access page of 000webhost triggers the problem. I cannot enter the phpmyadmin itself

Yes, we know this issue. We are working on it.

My Php Admin is working just fine :slight_smile: i also tried to make a new database and use to check, nothing wrong there :slight_smile:

Thank you, the problem has been solved!

not yet working for me

finally it is working