Cannot log into my website


I am unable to log into and update my website

I am in Thailand for 2 weeks, and wanted to update the website, as we have a
yearly lunch in June.

Is it because I am out of New Zealand?


Welcome @garynz to the forum.

Don’t see why you can’t login.

Which error do you get trying to login?


My Email and or password is wrong
When I try to reset my password, it does not recognise my Email.


Password reset link has been sent. Please check your email.

(The same email you signed up to the forum with)


Yes I did that, and it quickly went to the Get Started Page
Its as if it doesn’t recognise me with my website


The website works fine


Something not quite right here then.

2019-01-19 22:10 from NZ is the last date the email was used on 000webhost to login.

Can you confirm which email you are using to try to login with?


Yes that sounds right
redacted for privacy

#9 is linked to email:redacted for privacy
Yeah but I’m not seeing any attempts to login to the account.
I issued the password reset and it has been sent to redacted for privacy


If you are on a desktop computer try using a different browser or using incognito tab if you are on Chrome (CTRL SHIFT N) and logging into the panel using that?


Yes that’s what I have been trying,
I will try again

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Yay I see a successful login!


Hey Thankyou It works in Chrome I was using edge
Thankyou again

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No problem! Happy site building and don’t hesitate to contact us again in the future!


Will do
thanks take 5 stars

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