Cannot save or public


I’m using Easy Website Builder and I cannot save changes. It only says ‘loading…’ for a long time and then ‘Error: Server error’. What can I do?


Can you please send a screenshot? :wink:



Saving does not work?

@teodor @sulliops


Hi @joma!

What is the website on which you are receiving the issue?


The website is
Saving doesn’t work. I’ve tried two different browsers (Chrome, Opera).


@teodor feedback still needed!


We have passed this issue to our developers. Plese be patient :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I have repaired your website and I believe the problem has vanished. I have managed to save as draft and publish your website successfully. Please clear your browser cache and access the Website Builder again. Please confirm whether the problem has been fixed or not :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help.
The problem is caused by my anti-virus, saving works on other computers and when I turn off the anti-virus. I have an AVG antivirus installed. I can not configure it so that it does not block saving. I’ve added to scan exceptions, but that does not help. What can I do except for changing the anti-virus?


Try adding and as well (without http://).

Also restart your computer. Changes may require system reboot.


Thank you very much. Now it’s working.


We’re glad the issue has been solved :slight_smile: