Can't Access File Manager and Website (Tried Repair button but nothing happens)

Hello, my website status is Running but I can’t access File Manager and Website, it say’s ‘This site can’t be reached’

Hoping for help because needed it for defense on Friday :frowning:


Servers were experiencing maintenance recently, which may have caused your site to stop functioning for a while. Try again now and let us know if you’re still experiencing the issue.


I still can’t access my site and file manager sir,

In this case you can try simply rebooting your home router, if not at home please contact your network administrator.

Failing this try using alternative DNS -

If you can’t or this doesn’t resolve it - look at Windscribe VPN.

Let me know what is going on after trying these options if you can

Try using a VPN like if this works let me know.

I feel like it is something locally to yourself to be honest :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot sir, I used a VPN and now it is working.


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