Can't access File Manger

Hello, I still can’t access my file manager and I really need to access my files to delete some stuff… This site just keeps popping up on my other page for whatever reason… Like everything is still linked here and I have been at this for 4 days now… please unlock my file manager or bring it out of sleep or what ever … I just need to access the files… PLEASE

Hello. File Manager is loading good for your site. I’m not sure what’s blocking you from accessing it; could be a MAN/LAN firewall or DNS resolution issue.

I recommend you to try connecting to it using an online proxy: We’ll investigate your case starting tomorrow.

Hello, It seems that my IP Address is being blocked by the file manager site… I accessed it using a VPN and it worked… maybe someone can contact me and get it unblocked…

If possible power cycle your router to get a new IP address, else I would advise around a week wait hopefully before the blockage is cleared if it indeed our systems causing the access to be denied.
I’ve reported this to developers for you.

It is working now…

Thank you


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