Can't access the file managerj jjk

not thru the website or thru a FTP-client. Ive tried on both windows and linux. I have changed the password and I have “repaired” the website. I start to get very frustated about this. Can you fix this asap?

{“result”:{“success”:false,“error”:“You are not logged in.”,“errorDetail”:{“type”:“FileManager\Exceptions\AuthException”,“code”:0}}}

EDIT: and now I get Error 502 when i am trying to access

Screenshots of the problem would be awesome :slight_smile:

I have the same problem:

I have the same problem, can’t access File manager and FTP don’t work.

Just wait it out.
Once regained access try using the stable file manager script.

ok do you know how long i have to wait? have been waiting/trying to access it the whole day

It just depends on the traffic I was waiting 3 days last week