Can't access websites or account

Hello, I just noticed my website was down, then tried to access my account and can’t. I tried “Forgot Password” link and waited for email, but no email. Tried again, still no email. Can someone please help? Is the system down or my account deleted?

I know I’ve accessed my site at least within the last 6 months, so I don’t think I was in any danger of my site being put on suspension, but at least I could log in to my account before, now I can’t even do that. Very confused, any help appreciated, thanks.

account email is
000webhost url I think
I also had

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately your account has been deleted on 4 October due to inactivity. All inactive customers are warned via email one week in advance prior to this action. Please read this topic for more information:

There was ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING. I even looked in my email inbox for any and all 000webhost emails. There was only an email for another account that was going inactive, and another just 3 days before Oct 4 for my daily sendmail limit reaching soon, but not capped yet.

Please reinstate my account.

Once it was deleted there is no coming back, you can make a new account.
While we strive to send out inactivity notices with the highest deliverability sadly providers do block the term 000webhost which makes contacting users hard sometimes.