Can't add menu or pages

Hello again! I am having a lot of difficulty with the new website builder. I see that this one is through Zyro and it operates differently. Previously, when I clicked on Website Builder, it would take me to a builder that had a bunch of icons at the top, including Text, Picture, Gallery, etc, and allowed added of menus and pages. I still have some sites there and the address is

Now, when I create a site, it takes me over to Zyro and I have to log in there to find my site and there are very limited options. Right now, I am trying to add a menu and additional pages and I can’t figure out how to do that.

Can someone tell me if there is any way to access the options and, if not, how to add a menu and pages to the new builder? Also, is there a way to stay in 000webhost, or must I log-in and work over at Thank you for any help you can provide.

If you have any queries regarding the new Zyro the best place to ask would be their live chat at the moment.

The old builder has been closed / discontinued unfortunately and developers urge users to rebuild on the new Zyro as the old builder has been turned off.

Thanks Infinity! I have a site that I built on the old builder (and is working great). Will that site continue to function as it has, or will it begin having issues now that Zyro is changing?

I would expect it to be discontinued, when that happens I have no idea I’m still waiting on concrete information from up above regarding this but the information I’ve had so far relating to a website a staff member has created and can’t manage to edit any longer using the old builder is basically it is turned off please rebuild on the new Zyro or use alternative site builder / CMS etc.

Just got some information from a developer, basically the old Zyro builder has been turned off, users who have created in the “old builder” will likely no longer be able to edit or publish updates correctly.
The advice would be to recreate their site in the new Zyro provided hosting / website instead or switch to alternative CMS sadly.

Apologies! :frowning:

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