Can't change the sleeping time of my website



what is meant by this please " console panel of your browser debugger"??


Nevermind about that. Just post a screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:


already posted screenshot several hours ago
First image shows how it is now at 11am, second shows after changing to 2am, the Update button is disabled.


Cant post two images in same email!!!
Here is second one


And what browser do you use?


Both chrome and firefox


Alright to which time do you want it to be changed and in what timezone are you?


I would like it set to 2am GMT+13


Alright, forwarded this to our devs.


Hi @ckhawand i have this very same problem :frowning:
I need to set the time but the update button is disable to me!

I tried both Chrome and Firefox!

Website URL: fuss-company ***** (webhost url)
Would like to set it: 05:00 (5am)
Country: Brazil
GMT: (GMT -2)

Would be really glad with this :slight_smile:


Great, should be solved by Monday.


Awesome, you rock!


Hey, nothing until now… can you please make the change for me?


Weird, the devs haven’t replied yet :confused:


Thanks for the reply!
Can you double ask them just to make sure they will change?


I did, waiting for an answer :slight_smile:


what is your email?