Can't confirm my account

Hello. I just created a 000webhost account and I never received my confirmation email. I checked the spam folder and it didn’t arrive there either. When I tried to create an account (with the same email) on the forum site, I also didn’t receive my email confirmation. When I changed my confirmation email address for my forum account, I got the verification email and I was able to successfully activate. I was wondering if it would be possible to also change the email address for my actual 000webhost account as I am still unable to activate it.

Edit: I did eventually receive the confirmation email for the forum account only but still no confirmation for my new 000webhost account.

So I have checked your forum email address against the hosting and I find NO accounts registered with that email address?
Please ensure you have not signed up with typos in the address?

Hi Infinity, thank you so much for the quick response. I just checked my email (the one I used) and the verification finally came through so I was able to activate my account. Kind regards.

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Glad it came through eventually no idea why I couldn’t locate the account at that time then.