Can't connect to database through cpanel or PHP

I have a free hosting plan here for a small personal project I have. It acts as a request server just to check if the client application is up-to-date. There are only 2 people including myself that query the server, it sees incredibly small activity and is certainly not rate-limited.

When attempting to manage the database in cPanel it just sits there requesting the page and eventually times-out. When attempting to query the database with a PHP script, the connection times out (after approx. 10 seconds).

I have had no way to access, view, or manage my database for approximately 10 hours now. As it is free hosting I decided it was likely an outage and worth re-evaluating later, however home from work now I am still unable to access or read my website’s database. And your server status reports all Green there, so here I am.

Appreciate the help, thank you in advance!

To be clear - this is a new issue. I have had several months of great service, and this issue only presented itself over the past 10 hours or so. Nothing changed on my end.

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Ignore any suspension emails, I’ll push this to a developer it’ll be tomorrow before a response though.

Should be resolved for you @h4ck0ry

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Confirmed resolved.

Sorry for the delayed confirmation, I have been at work today. Can’t thank you enough for your quick reply and follow-up @Infinity !

Thanks again, and have a wonderful evening :slight_smile:

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