Can't connect to FTP - 421


i am using software Total Commander. If i try connect to my FTP to any of my webs (on this hosting, ofc), i get error:

421 Idle timeout (30 seconds) closing control connection

After 50 attemps to connect i finally get connected for some time and then it happens again. What is wrong? I don’t think problem is on my side.

The problem persists more than 24 hours!


Ftp connectivity is currently having some issues, the developers will be working on fixing this next week.

What happens when you try out File Manager on @RealPatrik

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After 2-3 minutes of loading I got an error message “Login details are incorrect”. Then I tried it again and after long while I finally connect. This web file manager is useless and inapplicable like FTP connection through software. Problem is still not fixed and I still don’t have acess to my website. I’m getting nervous and thinking about move my website to your competition.

Feel free to move it to another hosting provider; we provide free hosting to the best we can for all :slight_smile:

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