Can't find default.php


I created a site with the Website Builder when I try to access it it says:

“Website has been successfully installed on server. Please delete file “default.php” from public_html folder and upload your website by using FTP”

I searched for default.php on file manager and can’t find it. Can you please help me with this.


What’s your website address?



Everything works fine on my end, try clearing your browser cache, flush your DNS and hit CTRL+F5.


Ok that’s strange. It works now apparently. Thanks anyway!

EDIT: Now it does the same again… and I still can’t find default.php




Apologies for the second post but I can’t find a solution…

Here’s my initial thread earlier.


Hi @crisscakes!

000webhost uses by default index.php files. You don’t have to worry about default.php files :wink:

Also, your website is loading fine. Please clear your browser cache (this may clear logins as well) and try again.



It’s the link that doesn’t work. I have already tried clearing my browser cache but still it doesn’t work. I have also tried other devices and browsers without any change.



  1. Please go to Hostinger cPanel at NameServers section

  2. Clear all NameServers and leave only the following ones:

  3. Go to 000webhost cPanel > Set web address and unlink/remove

  4. Go to _000webhost cPanel > Set web address > Add domain > Park domain >

  5. Wait for nameservers

  6. Start > cmd.exe > ipconfig.exe /renew > Enter

  7. Clear your browser cache (note that this clears other logins as well!)

  8. Try it now.


Can you please write point 6 in mac terms please? :smiley:


This might help:


OK now it seems to be working! Thanks @NGiNX! I’ll do another update tomorrow on the site, I hope it doesn’t happen again