Can't find my website


I was attempting to locate my old site but I just get sent to a create a new site link. Last time I used this site, it looked a lot different. My website is


#2 needs migrated.


I can’t back it up since I can’t find the site. Unless there is a different way of getting to it.


Log in using your email and password.

Use FileZilla or FTP client to backup the public_html folder and any databases you may have created.


I did. I had to reset my password but my email was recognized.


Great. So what do you see?

Do not create a new account; make sure to login to the old panel with your existing details.


I log in and click on the plus sign after “Nice, here is your Websites list”

Then I get a notification to create a new site.
I have a screen capture but I don’t see where I can upload it.


Clicking on the highlighted old members area just takes me to the same log in screen.


Can you log out of everything.

Then bring up

If you login there with your email and password the old panel will appear providing you’ve not created a new panel account; if you have then you’ve basically migrated yourself without backing up and therefore have lost your data.


New panel appears once your account email and password has been migrated or a new panel account has been manually created which deletes your old data.


That site automatically changes to in the address bar.


Please logout first. Then try again:


I don’t see the option to log out, just log in


Go to and on right top corner, after “Upgrate to Pro”, click on that button > Log out

Then login to your old cPanel here:


Okay, I found it and I got it to bring up the info on my old site. Now I just need to figure out how to migrate it.

Wait, it says it was cancelled for inactivity. Does that mean it is gone. I used to get emails from you guys saying it was about to be deleted and I would log in. I haven’t received emails for awhile.


If your website has been canceled due to inactivity, there is no way we can help you recover your data.

We are sorry for inconvenience :sweat:


If the account list on the old panel shows cancelled for inactivity your data is gone, you need to hit your name under customer details then delete profile.
Log back into the new panel and you will be able to park your domains now but your data will still be missing; sorry.