Can't find "Set Web Address" to setup Domain

My old site got deleted because I didn’t log in … It would be nice if there was a way to restore it, but it’s a free service, so I apparently get what I paid for :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m trying to re-point my domain name to the new site, and following the instructions located in the KB at

It works well until I get to the point where it says "go to the cPanel > Manage Website > Set Web Address … There doesn’t seem to be a “Set Web Address” option. I see the following:

  • Build a Website
  • Power Store
  • Tools
  • Website Settings
  • Learn to Code
  • Discord
  • Blog
    *Community Forum
  • Customer Support

I looked in all of those, and there’s no “Set Website Address” anywhere.

000Webhost’s front page advertises “Free Domain Hosting” (right on the front page, about halfway down), so please don’t tell me the solution is to upgrade to a paid account :wink:

@EANet Sorry, this feature is not available presently.

Can you advise when it will be available again?


Surely few months for a fee likely.
Use domain forwarding at registrar for free.

It’s still advertised on the main page at Talk about a bait and switch.

I’ll let the content team know, they are working on a lot of new designs so not everything is 100% yet

I don’t know why you keep marking this as solved. It’s not solved. You’re advertising a service, and not providing it. If they’re going to change service offerings, take it off the webpage before you take the service away. It’s not that difficult.

It’s been off for over 2 months, the content team now know but there might be plans to bring it back so I’ll leave it up to them :slight_smile:

@EANet Check now, this feature is now enabled for all users.