Can't get website list


When I log on, my website list doesn’t appear. It keeps saying “Connecting to server 8 7 6 5… seconds”. This has been happening for about ten minutes now. 2018-01-11 06.34 UTC


Why would I PAY for this service when you don’t seem to be interested in fixing the problem or even responding to a forum post.


And the answer is???


@greydev You don’t have to pay for this as 000webhost is free.
Your issue will solve automatically, as this issue generated because of cloudflare security check, so there is no time scale for this.

Alternatively you can use any VPN to solve your issue , until original issue is fixed!


Sry it’s VPN. :slight_smile:


You can’t even type a response correctly. I know what a VPN is, but I have no idea how I would access one. It’s just as well I’m not being paid to waste my time like this. I am a volunteer for a charity. What’s a “cloudfare security check” or is that another typo? Do you think I’m a hacker or something?


@greydev Access 000webhost from this url.

See if it helps you.


Hi @greydev

First read this. 2018 Forum Rules

So, we are really sorry for the inconvenience.

Here your logic is wrong. @akhilkumar332 replied you in about 20 mins after you created the post. Can you find any free hosting that does it? If you could, please go there and create your free account :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, always try to behave well and be polite in the forum. 000webhost forum is for you. You can ask any question about hosting, php, mysql, js and any web-related thing. There are people here to support you. But you have to keep in your mind that all of these are free. If you need instant replies, 100%, then upgrade. Or else, keep patience and be with us.

To check this issue can you PM your email?


Working fine here, as above it will be an error on behalf of CloudFlare, you can wait it out unfortunately or use a VPN/Proxy in the meantime until CloudFlare cools down.


I sincerely apologise for my messages yesterday. I was at a critical stage of my project and found the situation very frustrating.

Sorry again

Best wishes


Hey @greydev

That’s fine man! :wink: We are here to help you anytime. So, do you have any other problem and is your problem fixed now?


sometimes we got the problem with connection …or you access on the backup time…blar…blar.

Came down in this case. :slight_smile: - I usually relax on this case…and wait for next days…and then check back.