Can't log in to File Manager

I can not log in to the 000webhost File Manager since yesterday. When I enter the login and password that I have always been using, it says “Login details are not correct.” The posts on the forum indicate that a lot of people are facing the same problem, so most likely there is a problem in the central servers at 000webhost.

However, the status feature deceitfully shows that the file manager has 100% up time since the last 7 days.

I Am Also Facing Same Problem

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Try now it is working.

If not try after som time…As this is known issue…As per the admin…already 000ebhost team is working hard on this to solve as soon as possible.

im having the same problem with my website, i can’t access to my ftp manager

Can you guys print screen a copy of FileZilla error log?

The File Manager status is technically correct it probably pings the server… which is online for most still just an account error is preventing a few users to bring up their files.

That EAI_NONAME looks like a DNS error on your side.

Sometimes your local Internet Service Provider may use outdated DNS servers, or your computer might be configured to use set ones also which might not be as up to date as the ones I’ll provide below.

Using different DNS servers should not impact your performance, if anything it will make loading sites faster and any changes to other peoples websites should reflect faster as well.

First you’ll want to navigate to your start menu, control panel then network connections.

Once open you’ll want to right click on the connection your computer uses to connect to the Internet be it ethernet wired connection or a wireless connection to your router and select properties.

Once the properties menu appears you’ll want to select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) then select properties

Once now on the last screen you’ll want to type in as the first one and as your secondary DNS server.

Now close and save all changes.

Now you’ll want to do the following - find Command Prompt within your start menu else hit start, run, cmd.exe and then open it.

Once open just type ipconfig /flushdns

For more information on Google DNS

I hope this aids somewhat.

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it works now, thank you

No worries :slight_smile:
Happy website building!