Can't login on the site


Like I said in the title:

I just can’t login into the file-uploader site. If I try via FileZilla, I get a 530 error: “Login authentication failed”. When on the website, it says my login credentials are incorrect.

I did not change my password and actually even uploaded a file maximum 1 hour ago.

If this is of any help: I’m a free user, so I don’t have cPanel or so

Any advices would be helpful, thanks in advance!


I’d recommend changing your site password and retrying FileZilla

Although I think there was an issue posted earlier that is being investigated so hang fire.


So I’m not the only one?


Hello there. I am having the same problem with logging in with Filezilla. Perhaps we have a general problem with logging in?


I’m also having the same issue. I cannot access the FTP page. I was uploading files just 20 minutes ago and then it stopped working and would not load on refresh.


try again FTP is working fine!!!


I think so too… Still not working. I’ll change my password… again…


try again because i see no issue with FTP(latest screenshot)


Working fine this end.

If you guys are having issues try having a look here: How to enable faster DNS resolution to get your site to appear quicker on Windows 7