Can't open File Manager or FTP

As title says, im being unable to open File Manager or view my files via FTP programs. It keeps loading. I get a screen that says that website took too long to respond and the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

At first I supposed it was due to me loading the Directory Lister, because it happened a few hours after I did that. I tried to create a new account also, but still getting the error with this account or another.

My web its actually accesible (, but i cant load anymore files because i cant even reach that screen. What can I do to fix this?

Hello, your website is loading ok from our side. Do you know if the app you’re using to display your website content is utilizing FTP in any way?

For me the same prolem for 5 days now, only progress is that moderators are deletings all topics related to that issue.


Topics are deleted if they do not include the relevant details :slight_smile:

Ensure your topic does! :slight_smile:

Use a proxy or VPN in the meantime while you wait out.

If this resolves the issue then you can try further steps to resolve this issue

  1. disable firewall
  2. disable antivirus software
  3. use alternative DNS
  4. contact your network administrator
  5. contact your ISP
  6. check local government restrictions

You’ve not even created a website nor provided a URL?

@zuwik please refer to A must read before posting your topic!