Can't open .php files on my website


Hello there;

I recently uploaded an experimental website for testing purposes. There is a php page which is located in assets folder of my website. But when I go to its URL and try to open it the only thing that shows up is the file’s source code (not the actual page).

Link to the php page:

I’ve been told this will happen when a hosting doesn’t support php. But to my knowledge 000Webhost supports php.

If anyone knows about how to resolve this issue, please help.

Thank you in advance.


Try hitting the Repair button in the cPanel :wink:


Hi ckhawand;
Thanks for helping me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just clicked on the Repair buttton. The problem persists. :confused:


Is it a wordpress website? :confused:


Yes, it is a WordPress website.


I couldn’t find the folder /assets in your files :confused:


Sorry for the late reply. There was a problem with the WordPress admin panel.

The assets folder is back. However I’m afraid it’s not directly accessible. There are just 2 files in it:





When you are browsing via File Manager > where are the files located?


Hi Infinity;
Thank you for helping me.

It’s location is a bit odd because I’m using a WordPress plug-in to convert some pages made by Adobe Muse software to WordPress themes.

The location is:

I think the plug-in sets the “BlogOnly” folder as the root folder.



Must be something to do with .htaccess or the way you are linking things.



Just tried opening and the php page opened but it doesn’t supposed to work like that. Besides if this gonna imply that the php file isn’t located somewhere like in an /assets/ directory in the root folder then how can I see the source code via the previous link?


Is only a link it seems doesn’t exist as you can see from public_html

There must be .htaccess rules to rewrite the file location and somehow display the code instead of running it as a PHP script.

@teodor might be able to advise.


Thanks for all your helps. Will wait for @teodor for more help. Just one question:
It seems the server doesn’t give me access to the .htaccess files. Whenever I try to open them it gives back a “403 Error”. Any ideas why?


You can only open them via edit on File Manager.


@supun any ideas? :smiley:


Hey @tommy_a

Move those files to another folder (from asserts) and try


Hi Supun;

Thank you for helping me.

Not sure why but currently I can’t access my file manger. I believe it’s temporary so I will get back to you as soon as this partial issue is solved.


Admins are aware of the ftp errors. Problems will be solved soon.