Can't point my domain correctly


Hi everyone !
I really need help to point my domain properly ! First things I had a site on hold version who was cancelled for inactivity! I decide to upload my site on the new panel ! it is up and running well after that I did record CNAME that seem to be correct when a changed my name website on new panel it done :white_check_mark: ! But when I try to acced my site I get error404 ??? Someone can help me with that ?


Domain address please?


Www.linedecartcom pointed to

Thanks !


So are you running the new panel?

If you are all you need to point is the CNAME

Your nameservers must remain at default, usually your domain registrar where you purchased your domain address.


Yes I run new panel and yes CNAME point to And i did put back my provider nameservers now ! but I I only change those nameservers to try by yours this morning bcz that did not work with those by default ! I did the change now to show you !

Thanks !


No worries, I can see now the domain is pointing at sibername but I can’t see any CNAME records created please advise if I have wrong/outdated information


Yes you are right The domain is on sibernane but CNAME is created there and if I try now to acced to that seems to work now !
Thanks !


Yes I can access

If you can in your domain registrar click the forwarding option if there is one and forward to


Ok yes it done !
Thanks a lot for your help James it’s very appreciated !


Hi James its me again i am wondering why that stop working today? i can t reach www.linedecart for now i just try to stop forwarding http://linedecart.com1 to http://www.linedecart.com1 and still not working ?


Hi I think there is a little misunderstanding with the links with how it formats them here on the forum.

Forward option should be forwarding your website

and forwarding it to

No numbers involved. Sorry.


what do i have to do now to make it work only pointing to ? it does not work like it did yesterday ? now i can’t reach like we did yesterday ?


You CNAME point to this that is why.


Thanks chanh but where can i change that ?? on my domain registrar my CNAME point to is that correct ??? why http://linedecart.com1/ ???


Reset your domain registrar to default, nameservers should point at your domain registrar.

Point the CNAME at notice HTTP:// NOT HTTPS:// and no numbers at the end.

Also REDIRECT/FORWARD your to notice HTTP:// NOT HTTPS:// and no numbers at the end.

Any more issues do reply! :slight_smile:


OK good it seems to work now ! but i will wait to REDIRECT/FORWARD my to bcz when i did that yesterday that stop working a couple hours after ??

Thanks for your help !


If it functions fine with both www and without then just leave it alone :slight_smile:


hi James,
no it work only with WWW but without it not seem to point on good address ? but i did not forward or redirect for now ! you mean forward my to will work ??? even my is not working ?
Thanks again !


Yes forward and it should function


Today new panel have enabled domain parking feature where you can park domain on 000webhost nameservers.

more info here: