Can't reset my account password



I already tried to reset the password for my account 2 times and the e-mail hasn’t arrived, i waited for 30 minutes and already checked the spam and it’s nothing there!

I think that the IP address associated with the A parameter on my website DNS is the problem, but i don’t know what changed because i cant get in my 000webhost account.

When i tried to contact via the e-mail i got a response that i need to solve it here in the forums.

Thanks in advance,

edit: my 000webhost account is


Your email is not verified. :slight_smile:


Big problem here, I’ve just logged in and my website is gone.

I’m using 000 since 2016 for the homepage of the website

What happened?


We had a migration last year? Could that be it possibly?

When I load your site it shows a Hostinger error, are you hosted at Hostinger by any chance?


I dont know, in 2016 there was not anything related to Hostinger. It was just a free 000webhost account… what happened?


Hi @JonasTM!

A few months ago we have decided to move the accounts from old cPanel servers to the new one. During this process, websites have been lost, but not their content.

I have verified your 000webhost account e-mail. Now you can login to with your e-mail and password. (If you don’t remember your password, please go to and reset it manually.) At the bottom of the page you will have your website(s) archived.

  1. Simply create a new website,

  2. Upload the archive to it using File Manager,

  3. Extract it (right click > extract)

  4. Move the website content to /public_html

  5. Then park/link your domain to your site using this tutorial:


Awesome! Thanks for the help Teodor!

I’ll try to do as you said and return here to say the result.

Thanks again!


We’re waiting for your reply :slight_smile:


Hello Teodor!

Sorry for the delay, i’ve just created a new website and was going to upload de archive that i already downloaded. I already did this process (of creating a new website) 2 times, when i click to upload content, it goes to the site and keeps loading. After some minutes, it just says “log in details are incorrect”, but im sure that i’ve put the correct login and site password (the same ones that i have just used to create).

What’s the problem?



We are currently performing maintenance on our servers, so some services may not work and your site may be slowed down. This will clear up once we finish. If you would like 100% uptime, upgrade to Hostinger!


Hello there!

Im still facing the same issue using the File Manager, it kees loading and nothing happens. Im uploading 2 screenshots.

What can i do to solve this?

Screnshot 1:



Screenshot 2:


Yeah if you wait it does eventually load but the team are upgrading and access issues might come and go :frowning:

Track that thread and it will be updated when it has finished.


Hello there!

Infinity, sorry but i didnt found a way to send you a private message. I need help with my site because i am still getting that problem said previsouly (i checked the topic about the maintenance and you said that the staff is still working on it).

How do i send a private message? I just need to upload my archived site as your staff said to the public_html and i need to know the new ip address of my 000webhost site to change in my domain dns zone ( on Locaweb).



Hit on @Infinity name, then private msg.


I got him :-P:smiley:


Hey ckhawand, look at this screenshot below. There is no option to send a direct message to him!

But he contacted me already, thanks!


I’ve just upp’d your accounts status - I don’t think brand new forum users can send private messages, you should see the option appear now if selecting a user hopefully.


Yey! Now there’s a option hahahaha, thanks Infinity! :slight_smile:


Dear 000webhost staff!

You can close this topic, my site is running fine again thanks to the help from Mr. @Infinity!