Can't reset my password


I tried to reset my password many times by the right form from 000webhost but i do not get any mail. Of cource, i have waited few days for it.

My account mail is set to

Admins, plz help


Can you check your spam inbox?


No, i got completely nothing. I checked spam many times.


Can anyone help me? I still get no mail from the form.


Your account is not yet verified.
Please send an email to from to prove your email is not fake.


Alright, can you try resetting now?


Still nothing, for now. I have tried resetting with Safari and Firefox few minutes ago. Maybe we can change the mail aadress into another (I have a gmail account)?


We can, what is your gmail account? :slight_smile:

#9 :slight_smile:


Is already in use by another account :slight_smile:


ok > should be free


Is not allowed by 000webhost. :slight_smile:
Please create a new gmail account :slight_smile:

#13 : P


And how is it going? :slight_smile:


Verification email sent :slight_smile: