Can't restore my website archive

You’ve got 14 days to upgrade yes, the data is already removed from 000webhost and is on Hostinger Archival Systems.
Once you take any Hostinger plan and open the migration ticket your data will be restored by Hostinger customer service team.

If your website is archived you’ve got to act quick - you’ve only 14 days until the data is removed from the Hostinger Archival System.

You don’t need access to 000webhost control panel to resolve your archived website - it is all done via Hostinger (your data is already gone from 000webhost)

Websites are deleted from 000webhost servers if they are deemed inactive by the system and in the event you wish to restore/continue then a plan with Hostinger is required within 14 days.

If you don’t wish to pay for hosting just yet then you can instead just make a new 000webhost account, make new website using alternative naming (same domain cannot be reused once archived/deleted) Upload your files and keep learning on the free plan. If you don’t have your files backed up on your computer then unfortunately should you wish to get them you will need to follow the method below.

Pick your plan, enter discount code 000STARTEROFFER and checkout using any of the payment methods which are suited to you.

Pick “other control panel” and provide your 000webhostapp URL (14 days from archival)

In additional information paste the following message

You’ll no longer use 000webhost - don’t visit our control panel - just use Hostinger from now on.

Raise a support ticket by hitting the purple button bottom right or accessing should you face any delay or difficulty

Use Live Chat to get an agent to do the leg work with you :slightly_smiling_face: