Can't see my pages

I need help. I noticed that my pages disappear.
I was also not able to login in my accounts. Finally i did, it connects me with Facebook and my account shows no pages. And I had 2 of them :frowning:
Can you help me?

My sites was:

I have excatly the same problem on my sister-in-low site on account
Website gone. We were working on this site not more than a month ago.

I can’t find any trace for those sites, if you’ve not logged in within the last 3 months it is likely they’ve been removed for inactivity.
You can make a new account, new site and try parking the domain, if it suggests the custom .PL domains are already in use then I can make further checks, if it allows you to park your custom domains that will confirm inactivity.

I was using this pages. 2 weeks ago I podsted new post on blog on my page
My analytics shows that 18.11 my website was active and people visited it.
Is there any chance to get my website back? I dont have back up :frowning:

Sadly we don’t keep any backups.
Website owners must login to our control panel regularly to maintain activity.

But I login to both accounts regularly. What happened that all 3 pages from 2 accounts disappeared?

Did you login to accounts from your websites (ex: wordpress account) or did you login at your 000webhost Account (here: :thinking:

From wordpress account. This is the reason?

Yes this would be the reason, users must login to our control panel at sadly.

Ok, so now i try to create my website again and I get information that “the name has already been taken”. What i’m doing wrong?

Unfortunately website names are not reusable.

What you mean? My website have been removed for inactivity and now I can’t use my website address?
Can I build my page on address that I own: ? How can I do it?

We apologize for late reply.

Can I build my page on address that I own:

Yes, you can do that. We recommend you to link the domain to your new site first, then create your site using the domain you own as root address.

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