Can't Upload EXE for Pentest


Hello everyone,
I cannot upload a 4.1 MB .exe through the file manager for an upcoming pentest.

I am preparing for a legal pentest and I needed a free web host to host some .bat files and a .exe file for the pentest. I am attempting to upload a 4.1 MB exe (notepad++ installer) as a test before I upload my actual shellcode. This exe file will not be used for illegal activity, and is being used as part of a penetration test on a system which the owner has consented.

Every time I attempt to upload it, the progress bar goes to 100%, then it exits out of the file upload dialog and reloads the files. However, after the little loading circle in the file manager has completed loading, the .exe isn’t there. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.


.exe isn’t permitted.


So uploading .exe files is not allowed, plus in the world of web it doesn’t work like this. You can upload php files, or html files or any other web related files. But exe files won’t execute on such servers. You can may be try virtual machine and test it over there.


Yeah, I know. I wasn’t trying to run an exe file on the server, merely host it and then download it on the company’s servers for the penetration test. Anyways, I’m just going to be portforwarding my home server, so it’s all good. Thanks.