Captcha anti bot request


Hello im looking for a script that before accessing my site it will ask users to complete a captcha to prevent bots from entering my site I will also like it to remember the user for 24 hours and don’t ask them to complete a captcha.


Hi @RelatedTitle!

I am not sure if they can handle your exact specifications, but you could use Google CAPTCHA or Cloudflare’s security. If you want to use Cloudflare, please check this tutorial to link your domain with Cloudflare first:


I have cloudflare and im using google reCAPTCHA


Then trust me, you are covered already :wink:


Ok thank you but can I still use it for singup? or is that covered too?

  1. Cloudflare already monitors the traffic and offers anti-BOT protection

  2. As long are implementing the CAPTCHA correctly, yes you can use it everywhere you like.


You can use it for signup, for sure :slight_smile: