Change domain name (free website version)


How can I change the domain name (free version of 000webhost) to other? I was trying to do that by using a plugin but the max upload file is not enough for me.
Any help?

Thanks in advance!

@Infinity thank you so much for the help in the other topic. Can you help me again?

Hey you cannot change the free 000webhostapp name to another sadly.
If you own insonias2000 for example and you wanted to use insonias2019 then you need to create a new website/application and start from fresh.

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Ok. Thanks for the quick answer. Do you know how can I increase the ftp time window? I’m always being disconnected when I’m trying to do something and it’s driving me crazy :frowning:
Also, do you know how to increase the maximum file size to be able to upload a large one?

The File Manager ( web based is a bit iffy with the timeout and we can’t change it currently.

You can get around it and the file size by using an FTP Client like FileZilla?

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Do you know any plugin that can transfer all my stuff into a new website?

If you are upgrading to Hostinger they transfer all your data for free including the database and sort the configuration out for you?

For now I’ll stay in the free version but maybe later I’ll upgrade to hostinger.

No problem, so for migration between sites, if you backup your .sql database and your public_html files.
Then just a bit of configuration will be required.

  1. backup public_html folder
  2. access phpMyAdmin EXPORT .SQL file.
  3. upload public_html folder onto new site
  4. create new database and access phpMyAdmin IMPORT .SQL file.
  5. edit wp-config.php to reflect the new values of the database username password on new site.
  6. access phpMyAdmin table wp-options and update SITE/HOME URL both to new site URL.

I’m not able to connect to the “original” site using FileZilla even though I’m able to connect to the other. It gives me a critical error: not possible to connect to the server.
Any idea?

Can you screenshot the exact error? :slight_smile:

Is an example of the configuration you likely have to use?

Username and password are correct :\

You can change this via general settings on
The passwords are normally randomly generated long strings of text and characters when you first created the website

Weird … I changed the password and now it’s working. I’m downloading the public_html folder now. Thanks once again. Maybe I’ll have more doubts :wink:

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If you find it faster you could dive into File Manager right click public folder and compress it then download the compressed file via FTP

It’s taking forever. I tried to do that but there’s no option to compress the folder. I looked on google and it seems that FileZilla doesn’t support that option.

Hey if you dive into the File Manager the web based one which timeouts a lot.
Then jump over to FileZilla FTP and download the . zip

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I followed your tutorial but when I try to access the website using the new url it keeps me redirecting to the old one. I double checked if I made the changed the url in the database which I made.
What can be the problem?
Thank you for your time and patience!

Your wp-config.php still contains the old website username/database/password.

I’ve since removed these and replaced with xxxxxxxxx

// ** MySQL settings ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ );

/** MySQL database username */
define( ‘DB_USER’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ );

/** MySQL database password */
define( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ );

If you update these values in the wp-config.php in public_html with the correct ones from your new site :slight_smile:

You may not believe but I changed that and saved the file. I don’t know why there xxxx instead of what I putted there :confused:
It’s now working. Thanks a lot.
One last question: do you know why it’s so slow when loading? The website is not that fancy and doesn’t have large images …

Speed seems average to okay here,

Try clearing out your browser and cache maybe there is some stuff sitting around and hopefully it loads faster.
WordPress uses database though so we can’t really do anything on that side of things.

Take a look at rate limiting, you’ll likely bump into this using WordPress, see the Heartbeat plugin, disable and use this to lower requests.