Change URL from 000webhost to my domain URL


I have my domain pointing to the 000webhost domain and everything works fine. When the user goes to my domain, they are forwarded to the 000webhost site.

My question is, how do I keep my domain name in the URL… when they are forwarded to the 000webhost domain, they see that domain url, and not mine.

Is there a way to fix this?


What sites please? :clock1230:


My site I am trying to work with is


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you



Seemed to work, but now I am getting security certificate errors because of the “https”… telling me the site is not secure and unsafe.


https is only available with 000webhostapp url remove https from site url and wordpress url http only.


Hey! Can you tell me what did you do exactly? Because i have the same problem and i must have it ready by tomorrow! I have linked my domains and they works great, meaning when i type it in google they transport me to my site. But when they load it seams! What can i do?


Hi are you using WordPress?


Hello! Well i managed to display what i wanted chaning the url from seetings in wordpress but now i have a problem with posting my link to facebook! Can anyone help?


what error are you getting?


that my url contains and that it blocks me for my protection! Also sometimes it show private connection error on google! What should i do?


000webhost is abused by many spammers and because of this big companies like facebook have block 000webhostapp urls so you have to use a TLD.
You can grab many free domains from


I see! Can you help me with how exactly should i do it? i mean how should i use the tld?


Follow this tutorial


i will! But i already have a domain! Which one will be seen?


What was your domain please? :slight_smile:


the one i have at first?


Then, can’t you share on facebook using that link?


Then, can’t you share on facebook using that link?


No! :confused: Also as i said sometimes i get privacy error from google! I have gotten another domain from Freenom! What should i do now?