Changed nameserver to point to ooowebhost but now cname?

Your web site help is a bit confusing

It says in order to use my own domain name, I need to

Change NAMESERVER, which I did

Now it says to change the CNAME ???

The CNAME change would be on your server, BUT I dont see where I can access the CPANEL in order to change the CNAME

You’ve failed to include your URL so I am unable to provide first time assistance to you.

You can have two methods for setting a domain to 000webhost.

CNAME method = point your CNAME records to the 000webhostapp URL


NAMESERVER method = point two nameservers and on your domain.

You can see the tutorials section for more information or the FAQ page on or the Set Web Address page on the 000webhost member panel has very helpful information which is straight forward and not confusing.