Changed the site and wordpress url in general settings


i’ve never reached max queries per hour before changing the Wordpress and site urls in general Wordpress settings. Also, i am not able to upgrade to hostinger at the moment, unfortunately.

And it’s been over an hour and that max queries limit does not reset :confused: any way a staff could reset the limit just to fix the problem?


can you somehow change my wordpress and site urls back to https:// csgopasaulis. 000webhostapp. com?
I used to be able to connect to my wordpress admin panel with this link https:// csgopasaulis. 000webhostapp. com/wp-login.php now it just doesn’t load. I really need to access it, don’t want to create a website from scratch again

also, I cannot send you many messages or reply to my thread. I need to get my website back on running



can you guys do something about this? :frowning:


@Supun @ckhawand guys come on :confused: I’m desperate

EDIT: when I go to csgopasaulis .tk, I see something loading but without any details. Guys, help me please.