Clean up OR delete account?


Last time i was entering in my control panel i use email if i was having a problem, but now it will continue with forum posts. Fine. One of my website not works and i was entering in control panel and i press CLEAN UP… After that, i was try to upload with file manager the zipped file i having in my computer, but uploads stucks. I make new clean up and i try to upload all the files by FTP FILEZILLA. After i finish creating database and upload my database, the problem with the website remains… So i want to ask now, did i was do the right by CLEAN UP the account of my website or need to DELETE? If i delete, i will lost everything? All numbers i have here in my txt will change? must make the website from the start? i remember when i was clean up the account old times, i was having a cleaning website and i will upload joomla etc. What i must do now? CLEAN UP? or DELETE? i dont want to lost everything. Only clean all the files and i will upload them by ftp.
Website is


you’ve reached the CPU limit

  1. If when logged into your status is suspended

  2. Or when visiting your website you are presented with similar page

Your account has probably been suspended/deleted so your best option is to

  1. visit, create a new account using a new or different email address to previously used on 000webhost and then recreate/reupload your website/data using backups or local files you have.

  2. You could upgrade to premium and you can then reupload your website and have no issues with limits for only $3.99 a month! Plus if you live chat the support team once you’ve purchased there MAY be a chance they might have a backup for your account is the data is still available - if you can’t reactive your website chances are there isn’t any data available for them to get either but still worth a try!

Free accounts aren’t eligible for backups therefore if your site was deleted/suspended you have no backups available sorry.

Reasons why this error occurs or suspension occurs is

You have too many visitors and over load free server resources.
This might be caused by crawlers crawling your site; use robots.txt to limit the crawlers.
If you are using WordPress with lot of plugins your site might be under attack, remove all plugins only keep the one that you are really need.
If you have many add-on installed, your site take too much resources to run.
Your script is taking to much server resources to run.


So your site does it still appear on the site list and if so what status?
It seems you’ve deleted your site down on the old panel.

If you visit and make a new account - you’ll be able to remake your site hopefully with the same subdomain, if not oh well it wasn’t going to last forever you’d be better of using a domain from or just another subdomain on


Can someone of the administrator team DELETE that account? I cant do it cos it has no control panel. It was a website that i try to upload and not works as i want (demo)


It will be deleted automatically over time; also the control panel you are using is the old control and you will be migrated eventually to a new panel soon - no estimate, accounts are done in a queue - so the site will disappear then also.


Now … also another one website on my accout is off, because of the CPU limit. So the only way is to make new login account and upload it from my backup? Can a new user goes to that old control panel? How i can upload and install Joomla, and start creating my website on joomla?


Visit make a new account with a new email address & create your new sites.


Now i need to make a new website for a girlfriend, and already i have make the new account. Can i upload joomla, cos i know how to work on that? or i must use the Builder or install the Wordpress as the control panel shows me? i dont know how wordpress works, and in the builder i dont like most of the templates.


Yes you can upload Joomla via FTP on the new panel of course.

Upload anything you want from FTP/File Manager and install it yourself; you’ve MySQL databases to use if the script needs it as well.


I dont have SQL database now, i will create it after using joomla… right now i dont upload a zipped website , but i will make one. I have another question, in old control panel, i upload joomla in zipped file and when it uploads, it auto extract. Now, if i use FileZilla, i need to upload all files as list but not zipped right?
(sorry for my bad english)


Unzip using How to unzip files using unzipper or File Manager on


Thx for helping… but it seems i have more questions and i need to put the things in order…
I use the unzipper and i upload the joomla in website version 1.5.23, its old but i have use it and its fine.
The questions is, after upload and unzip the joomla, need to delete some of the files with ftp?
I enter to website and i dont enter to joomla installation page but i have a kind of message “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function set_magic_quotes_runtime() in /storage/h7/867/1162867/public_html/includes/framework.php” …
That means… something was not ok with the files? unzipping? or i need to create the database before enter to joomla setup? and if no need to create before, when need to do it? cos when setup joomla, at 4th step you can create a database.
These i have to ask for now… and thx again!


Try changing your PHP version via > general settings to the version that Joomla uses.