Clicked pages loading as and not my domain/example.html


I can’t see any nameservers listed.

Can you screenshot your registrar domain page showing the nameservers correctly?



How can I pull up this to view? I’m interested to see what the cname tab says. On 000webhost it says my site is linked by the cname

Should I try unlinking then relinking my domain on 000webhost?


NSs haven’t fully propagated yet.


Thank you so much for this!

Seriously the best support/community forum I’ve ever used lol.


No problem.
We are here to help, and we are doing our best to keep our customers happy!
Each customer counts! :slight_smile:


Should I check with 1and1 about why the nameservers still haven’t propagated? It’s been well over 48 hours since I did everything


I just went ahead and called…1and1 said everything is fine on their end and that with the hosting it’s not getting something for the A record or it’s showing there’s no IP address?? Idk I didn’t really follow what he was trying to say. Now it’s becoming stuff I don’t understand lol.

Should I try unlinking my domain in the cpanel and relink it?


There should be no A records whatsoever, we don’t use them. Can you try setting up your domain using the CNAME method?


There no way for me to edit the cname on 1and1. It only lets me edit the nameservers and you can edit the cname for a subdomain, that’s it

When I first tried to link my domain it wouldn’t link. It kept saying I needed to update the cname and I couldn’t do it I just did the nameservers and hoped maybe it would calibrate something with the cname. So instead of linking the domain as a pointed address, I parked it. Then it finally let me link my domain and on my backend of 000webhost it says it’s linked by the cname.


If you can only edit nameservers, try using Cloudflare so that you have a full DNS zone. The tutorial below will help.


Thank you! Is there an MX records I need to add? It says there’s no MX record


You don’t have to, it just tells you that.


Okay so it’s working now (it says changes can take up to 48 hours but this was almost like instant)

So I navigate to and the website is up, yay!

Now I’m back to my original problem but worse!! Lol. When I click a link it’s navigating to and showing a database error. I try manually navigating to and it shows the same error


The wordpress site is linked to the domain

Should I maybe delete and reinstall WordPress?


Your can try that. :slight_smile:


This is what I’m getting when attempting to access /wp-admin from the domain name


Install it again.
After installing, and add this piece of code in your .htaccess file ,

Now Login in to your wordpress admin panel.
Then go to “Settings” >> “General” and change both site and wordpress url to your domain name.


Yay everything is working now! Thank you everyone so so much for all of the help