CloudFare. Suggestion to all whose site is down (domain owners only)


Thanks for the great tip!


i cant sign up there bcoz of an error


Great information provided by you irastar…
I will check it and contact with you if i need some suggestions in this regard.

Are you there to help me…?
waiting your answer.

<<signatures are to be setup in User CP>>


I think 000webhost should implement this in the free users cpanel in my pages it has already saved 3.2GB bandwidth from 4.3GB which is a lot!


hi! i just want to know how can i change my old domain name and replace it to new one but the details website never change only the name only thanks


Is there much stuff on your site ponix? If not you could create a new account using your new domain name in cpanel.
Another way is to go into your cpanel and park your new domain on top of your old domain.


thanks sir for reply


Thank you lrastart! You are awesome :wink:


Hey, will this still work if I have a .tk domain and if my website is already down because of the server 32 ? :confused:


cloudflare is really good but I suggest you only get this after you are finished making your site as it caches everything for hours at a time and making changes to certain files and or images is a pain because you can not see the actual changes you make for several hours. I know that there are tons of options and features inside the cloudflare panel and you can disable or enable what to cache and what no to cache but if you have already started using it and want to disable something, again it will take hours before your new settings go into effect. I just wonder how much longer this will be free?


My site is down i got 404 error what could be the problem ?
did you remove my domain from hsoting


CO.CC has blocked cloudflare’s second DNS. Do you have a another same website like cloudflare?


guys… i can’t use cloudflare. my domain provider dissaproved. T_T

this is the message from my domain provider administrator >>
We are sorry to inform you that your modification request for the domain has been DISAPPROVED because of the following reasons:

Reason(s): invalid corresponding IP Address for Primary and Secondary NS.

can anyone help me?


Very nice, will consider for sure… :wink: Thanks


Check out adsense forums, using cloudfare can get your account banned. Atleast you will not get revenue from clicks coming through i,if nothing else.


I’m trying cloudflare for the first time and can see the benefits of using their services.


The problem I have is that StopForumSpam’s database is being checked against CloudFlare’s IP which is making a StopForumSpam captcha come up ever time you visit the site (new session). I don’t have any StopForumSpam kind of thing being used, so is this some feature of 000webhost?


Thanks for the tip!


Woah it works!


Let i’ve a domain e.g. ""
I want to point any wildcard “*” to ""
I tried to do that using cloudflare.
1st using A-record & then using CNAME
A *


But they don’t work. Pls help!