Cloudflare does not work with custom domain


Is SSL enabled? How come I can’t reach it?


Go to Cloudflare cPanel > DNS and make sure the orange clouds from CNAME records are turned on.

Then clear your browser cache (will clear active logins as well) and try again…


Did that and still getting ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED on chrome, and DNS not found on Opera


@Ethan87 can you post screenshot of cloudflare dns area??


Can’t post all required images because i’m a new user. Here are multiple screenshots


Your website is loading fine over HTTPS as well…

Please clear your browser cache, flush your DNS and try again

In addition, please go to Wordpress cPanel > Settings > General and change all URLs to


I changed all urls and now I can’t access the wordpress site due to “DNS address could not be found” on chrome. Will flush dns now


Cleared browser data and flushed dns and restarted computer, still not accessible, do you think you can assist me through team viewer?


Just used Operas built-in vpn and tried accessing the site, it works. What is blocking my connection?


@Ethan87 Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.
Or use incognito mode in chrome.


I did that 3 times, also incognito does not work, my internet seems to be blocking the connection as when I use a VPN, it works.


@Ethan87 Did you try use Google Dns??


I don’t know what that is


Follow this:-

#17 doesn’t exist, but when I type it redirects to the right site?


Both of them work fine for me.


Please clear your browser cache and flush your DNS.

Use the default DNS provided by your ISP.


If you’re seeing the site with the table in the background, this is not correct, i’ve switched from wordpress back to the 000webhost website builder as it’s better than wordpresses builder.


I see the Zyro site builder site on both, with and without WWW


In any case, your domain has been linked to 000webhost successfully. If you are unable to view it, browse it and press CTRL+F5.

If you want to add automatic HTTPS to it go to:

  1. Cloudflare cPanel > Crypto > Automatic HTTPS Rewrites > On

  2. Cloudflare cPanel > Page Rules > Add for http://** rule Always use HTTPS