Cloudflare problem


Hi there! I just configured Cloudflare for the first time, following the tutorial here, I followed every step and changed the name servers and ponting etc. The problem came after all that, when I tried to log into, there was a date and time problem first, then it said the site was dangerous and insecure… after using a different timezone just to log in i couldn’t login at all due to “too many redirects”. I cleared all cookies and tried but it didnt work. Eventually i had to visit my domain registra and changed my nameservers to the default 000webhost nameservers.

What could the problem be?

PS: I followed every step in Cloudflare setup (and also installed the wp plugin) and Im not a complete noob


Hello there, please can you give us a screenshot of the problem so we will be able to assist you better?


Could you tell us what things you activated in your cloudflare account after the site started pointing to Cloudflare :wink:


A screenshot of what exactly?


Just any and all CF settings?


hey, it is due SSL force in Cloudflare, disable it, open phpmyadmin and click on your database, open it, click on wp_optionsScreenshot-2018-5-18%20auth-db163%20hostinger%20in%20localhost%20u990617023_leeks%20wp_options%20phpMyAdmin%204%207%207(1)

Now change siteurl http:// to https:// as shown in the picture.
home change from http:// to https:// as shown in the picture.
Then Open Cloudflare and enable SSL

Hope this will solvve your issue.