CNAME configuration

I configured the 000webhost authoritative dns on the management panel of Aruba and, now, I should point Where can I change the CNAME on 000webhost?

Unfortunately you can’t park or point domains anymore using cname records are nameservers
You can use free domain forwarding at your domain registrar if they support it

This is the reply of my domain registrar:
Having set the external authoritative ns, the domain area is delegated to these ns.
The setting of A / cname, MX … records must be made on these ns, or by means of a special panel provided by the operator, or by asking the manager for the relative settings.

I’m not sure what you mean I just know you cannot use records now or nameservers to our services you can only use the free domain registrar forwarding option at your registrar if they provide it, you need to keep the nameservers set to default i.e. pointing at your registrar to use this option