CNAME not working


what is your domain name and what domain are you trying to point?


@teme cname is working fine now !!!


Hello, the problem persists. I just registered a domain name and created a CNAME record pointing to my 000WebHost site and get the same messsage:

Therer’s nothing here yet.
This domain is ready to be registered.

G Suite Toolbox yields correct information so I know the problem is at the end.

Should I create a new thread or wait for a reply here?



Please screenshot your CNAME records as well as your set web address tab in 000webhost cPanel


(empty) CNAME 300
www CNAME 300


Canonical Name:


Replace (empty) by an @
If @ changes to your domain, let it.
If not, replace @ by your domain name.


@ causes the following message:
Error occured: Invalid name in dnsrecord


#13 is accepted but it does not show up in the list (no record is created) and did not solve the problem.


Did you click save changes?



Yes, but it did not create anything new. No new record. The problem is still threre.


Why not park your domain to 000webhost?
Change your nameservers to
then go to your cPanel and park the domain :slight_smile:


Hi @UnicoPerico !

If you are still experiencing the issue with CNAME, replace the empty field with your naked domain name:

Then go to 000webhost cPanel and unlink/relink your domain. It should be fine now :wink:


Unlinking-relinking not possible as I am not parking the domain but using a CNAME record. I want to manage the DNS in order to be able to add other records…
If using CNAME is not working you can tell me so I can stop trying.


If you are using CNAME, did you point your domaim correctly to 000webhost?


I got it fixed. I followed the instructions for Freenom, How to point domain from to, but they need to be updated.
They read
"There you will find Web address section and click on Change web address".
I guess that was intended for a previous version of your service.
I found the correct instructions at
It reads
"Add the custom domain by clicking Add domain button under the table below."

I had the impression that that button was only to be used when parking a domain.

Thanks for trying to help me. I hope more people read this thread. Surely, many days/hours will be saved.
And thanks for a great service. I know it is too much to ask for a great documentation, too, he, he…

Have a great day, guys!


If you correctly pointed your domain to 000webhost, go to cPanel>Set web address>Add domain>Point domain>enter your domain name and the website you want to link to.