Code Error 500 on Laravel Projects

Hello Guys?
I have hosted my laravel project on 000webhost, but my project displays 500 error code, what should I do?
Please Help

Hi @Teguh02!

Follow this tutorial to properly deploy Laravel into 000webhost:

oh i must clean all cache before i am started uploading my website?

I recommend you do so after you upload/configure the environment for your project. This is the reason that step is at very bottom :slight_smile:

how do i clear the cache manually?

E. Clear old Laravel cache. Delete all files from /bootstrap/cache except .gitignore

it has done, what next step?

If you’ve finished the tutorial, your site should be online and work properly :slight_smile:

should i check database connections and database connections?

Only if your website is using a database.

okay thanks bro…

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