CodeIgniter Version v4.0.4 - paginate() function return nothing in live environment (000WebHost)

Please check the stackoverflow link i provided. I detailly mentioned everything with the code , image, links etc.

In my local environment ( WampServer) everything working as expected. My problem is when I upload my website to the live environment (000WebHost - free plan) the CodeIgniter function is not properly working.

Nothing wrong with the code or PHP version compatibility issues. (Currently my local server and live server are using same PHP version PHP version 7.3) .

I think 000webhost has the problem. Heavily doubt that Do 000WebHost have any function execution barriers / DB query issues / bandwidth limitation per request on 000WebHost - free plan ??? :slight_smile:

Sadly CodeIgniter/Laravel is not fully supported, we do have various functions disabled which stop these scripts performing as well as various free limits. or any premium hosting will resolve these issues :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for you reply. I accept your point by saying, frameworks are not fully supported on free plans. :slight_smile:

BUT this something far from functions disable.

Note - PHP error reporting is completely depend on user scripts. Server configurations can’t do anything with it. It works on all type of hosting plans including (free plan).

  1. I always set error_reporting(1); to turn on error reporting in production as well as development environment.

  2. If any PHP function(s) disabled by the hosting provider then it will generate error under CodeIgniter->writable->logs OR we can visually see the error on the page by saying “some_function() has been disabled for some reasons”.

  • In my case, I can’t find any error reporting OR error logs from CodeIgniter framework / PHP script I am using in live environment. There may be some other restriction on processing the functions.

Else try

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

In the php file having issues?

I followed your error reporting tutorial as you mentioned. BUT by default Framework already has this error reporting feature turned on.

Actually, I didn’t get any error. My problem is CodeIgniter 4 query building functions are not properly working. Which means sometimes it’s working and sometimes not. I think this is because of free plan limitations. I need to move to paid hosting plans. :slight_smile:

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