CodeIgniter4 2020

i have a couple of CI4 sites working on dev and also live using sub domain on other hosting . In that case its a simple matter of editing document root to “public”

Thought i would try out a non sub_domain approach the structure under the free hosting at / is as follows except that i renamed public to public_html , which is whats mentioned in CI forums

root of hosting 000webhost
├── PHPMailer
├── admin
├── app
├── fontawesome
├── forms
├── public_html
├── system
└── writable

In other words in public_html there is:

ash-5.0$ tree -L 1 CI/public
├── captcha
├── css
├── favicon.ico
├── fonts
├── images
├── index.php
├── js
├── portfolio
├── robots.txt
└── sounds

i’ve tried playing around with .htaccess , setting base url to actual domain which is and also url thats being quoted

just getting blank page

Hi. Where are you getting a blank page? Both of your site links look to be working fine.

@captain-sensible You need to move everything into “public_html” for your application to work properly. If you keep files and directories out of “public_html” then your application will not be able to access it, as “public_html” indicates root directory.

And more over you should not change “public” into “public_html” as it is the codeIgniter application structure.

Plz check your configuration for your codeIgniter application to run properly.

I tried debugging but i see only “index.html” in your root directory. Seems you’ve removed all your files.

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