Coming soon - Many APIs waiting for you!


Hey there,
I am Christopher, and as all of you may know, I am a staff here.
Anyway, let’s jump straight to our goal.
Many of you like having a website but have limited knowledge in server side language.
Well, it’s not a pain anymore!
Let me introduce something coming soon!

Easy login API

I’ll be offering a membership system API.
Know those login with Facebook and Google buttons?
Well, it’ll come easier to integrate, and easier to use, packed especially for 000webhost users to minify queries used. (0 queries required to run this membership system!)

Easy image upload API

Image uploading API will be available too, free plan would offer up to 200 images/free plan to store your wonderful images and use less server resources!
Whether it is for profile pictures/contact form, we’ll offer a pre-made form.


Many many more APIs waiting for you!
We are open to YOU suggesting the creation of useful APIs!

000webhost moderators - ckhawand